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A Collection of Critical Essays - David Hijón

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Postmodern Ghosts: A Postmodern Analysis of Paul Auster´s Ghosts
In this essay we analyze Ghosts, the second book of The New York Trilogy, from a Postmodern perspective. This book was written by the American writer Paul Auster. In this essay we focus on the ideas of simulacra, hyperreality and reality and how they apply to this novel. We also discuss how the idea of Metafiction is present here and why this can be considered to be a metafictional novel.

Opening the Locked Room: A Psychoanalytical Study of True Detective´s Character Rustin Cohle
This essay presents a deep analysis of Rustin Cohle, the main character of the HBO´s TV show True Detective. Rustin Cohle is a detective who has to investigate the case of a murdered woman whose corpse appears in a strange position the day of his daughter´s birthday. He is a lonely person who has a pessimistic vision of life. He is a reflexive character who considers himself a realistic person, but in philosophical terms he is conscious that he is a pessimistic person due to his vision of life and reality.
We provide an analysis of his behaviour, his way of looking at reality and his psyche (or as he called it, his locked room) from a psychoanalytic point of view. To do so we use the Psychoanalytical theories provided by Freud and the recent research based on Trauma Theory.

Echoes of Transcendentalism in North-American Contemporary Literature: An Analysis of The Name of the Wind and The New York Trilogy
This essay compares two novels, The Name of the Wind and The New York Trilogy, in relation with Transcendentalism, the well-known American literary and philosophical movement from the 19th century. It is going to be interesting to see how these two contemporary novels which apparently are different in style and content can be related through the ideas of Transcendentalism. These novels are different not only in their categories (The Name of the Wind is a fantasy novel and The New York Trilogy is a literary masterpiece, which borrows from the genre of detective novels) but also they are supposed to have a different audience (The Name of the Wind may be considered to be addressed to a more popular audience and The New York Trilogy to a more cultivated audience). With this essay we also want to prove that Transcendentalism continues to influence contemporary writers, both highbrow and lowbrow.

A Question of Gender Roles in Apollonius of Tyre and Le Morte Darthur
In this essay we analyze and compare Apollonius of Tyre and Sir Thomas Malory´s “The Poisoned Apple”, included inside Le Morte Darthur, from a gender perspective. We also discuss how male and female characters behave in relation to their roles as heroes, kings, queens or princesses.
Apollonius of Tyre is a popular romance which is thought to be based on the Latin Historia Apollonii Regis, whose origin is probably Greek. This story has been popular throughout history, particularly in the Middle Ages and the Renaissance.
La Morte Darthur is a compilation of stories about King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table. This romance was written by Sir Thomas Malory and published by William Caxton in 1485. “The Poisoned Apple” is one of the stories that can be found inside La Morte Darthur and it is included inside the book 7, also known as the book of Sir Launcelot and Queen Guinevere.

Hear my word of power, for I´m not a mere maiden: A Feminist and Racial Analysis of Tolkien´s Of Beren and Lúthien
This essay presents an analysis of the chapter “Of Beren and Lúthien”, included in The Silmarillion. This book was published by Tolkien´s son Christopher Tolkien in 1977, four years after his father´s death. We analyze this chapter from a gender and racial perspective in order to present how the roles of Beren and Lúthien work in this story.
Hola a todos,

Me gustaría presentar mi nuevo libro (el cual estará gratis hoy y mañana en Amazon). En A Collection of Critical Essays analizo trabajos tan importantes como The Name of the Wind y The New York Trilogy (desde un punto de vista Transcendentalista y Postmoderno), True Detective (desde un punto de vista Psicoanalítico) y El Silmarillion, Apollonius of Tyre y La Morte Darthur (desde un punto de vista Feminista). Gracias por vuestro tiempo y espero que lo disfrutéis y me déis vuestra opinión. :D

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