Temple of the gods - Andy McDermott (N. Wilde & E. Chase 8)

Elemental, querido Watson.
Y acción, espionaje e intriga, exploraciones...

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Temple of the gods - Andy McDermott (N. Wilde & E. Chase 8)

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Título original: Temple of the gods
Autor/a: Andy McDermott
Año: 2012
Editorial: Headline
Nº de páginas: 512
ISBN: 9780755354702

Saga Nina Wilde & Eddie Chase:

1. En busca de la Atlántida
2. La tumba de Hércules
3. El secreto de Excalibur
4. La alianza del génesis
5. La pirámide de Osiris
6. The sacred vault
7. Empire of gold
8. Temple of the gods
9. The valhalla prophecy
10. Kingdom of darkness
11. The revelation code
12. The Midas legacy
13. king Solomon's curse
14. The spear of atlantis

Archaeologist Nina Wilde's life has fallen apart. Her husband, ex-SAS soldier Eddie Chase is on the run, falsely accused of murder, and her only distraction has been investigating the origin of three strange statues stolen from her just before Eddie's disappearance. When Nina discovers they may be relics from the lost civilisation of Atlantis, it's clear that she has to get her head back in the game, and fast.

Eddie, meanwhile, tries to stay ahead of the authorities as he hunts the man responsible for his fugitive status across the globe. A mysterious benefactor offers the information he needs - but the price will put him in direct conflict with his wife.

When Nina learns that a Japanese industrialist has obtained the statues on the black market she immediately heads to Tokyo meet him, unaware that Eddie is already on his way. Their arrival unleashes a chain of events that could have devastating consequences for the world, setting Nina and Eddie on their most dangerous quest ever - with the future of humanity itself at stake...
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